Flower rankings with long flowering period


It is best not to breed indoors. It is very wonderful to raise a small pot to the balcony. It comes with the three -color puppet with small fresh attributes. The flowering period can be spanned from spring to summer. Is it a good choice if it is put on the balcony and it can be filled with a pot without paying attention?


Delta plums like the sun, and it is very drought -resistant. It is very resistant to it. It is a very good flower. In addition, one of the biggest features of Delta Mei is that the flowering period is long. Sometimes, as long as all aspects of the maintenance are in place, the bougainvillea can bloom from April to November. The most important thing is that sometimes as long as its leaves do not wither, there is no problem without watering!

Stone bamboo

When it comes to good -raising flowers, how can I not think of Shizhu, Shizhu is both cold -resistant and drought -resistant. Except for the shade in high temperature in summer, there are almost no other maintenance matters that need special attention. Shizhu’s flower style is beautiful, a piece of color, like a puzzled colorful butterfly, the flowering period is about two to three months, the color is bright and cute, and it is suitable for raising it at home.


Margaret’s flower and fruit period can last from February to October. It is really a long flower flower, and Margaret is particularly easy to survive, and even becomes an invasive variety in many areas. Margaret’s flowers are fresh and elegant, and the breeding makes people feel comfortable. Don’t miss it as a lazy mandarin!

Golden Bell

Hanging the gold bell, which is the lantern flower that we often call, the flower shape is very peculiar, like a colorful lantern, which looks very pleasing.

Xiaobian’s grandma especially likes this flower, because the flowers of the golden bell falling down the blossoms and opening a stubble. The flowering period is opened from around Spring to December. Golden Zhong’s maintenance is also very simple. As long as you remember ventilation and avoid strong light, there is no problem when raising.

In fact, there are really a lot of flowers that have been raised in the flowering period, such as Yaru Chrysanthemum, Sunflower, etc., but Xiaobian wants to tell you that since we choose to raise these flowers, we should be responsible for our own behavior. The flowers raised should be maintained by mind.

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