Flower viewing plants suitable for winter ornamental

plum bossom

There are several plums in the corner, and Ling Han opens alone. If you know it is not snow, it is a dark fragrance.

Presumably this popular ancient poem, each of us can come in hand, and the plum blossoms have been in the hearts of our people since ancient times. They have a lofty status. The flowers of plum blossoms are light and elegant, fragrant, and are representative flowers in winter.

One red

The Chinese have a unique love for red, and the red represents joy. The red blooming in winter is more like people who are talking about and popular.

The minimum temperature of a red winter growth is above 10 degrees Celsius, providing sufficient water, just wait for the joy!

Come to a pair

Fairy came is the favorite of many flower buds. The flower type is strange, like rabbit ears, like butterflies, bright colors, which can be described as beautiful. The indoor breeding can bloom around the Spring Festival.

Dry golden lotus

The dry golden lotus is a typical northern flower. Generally, it is mostly blooming together when blooming. When flowering, the aroma is fragrant, and the color is even more happy, so it is sought after by many people.

In addition, the leaves of the dry golden lotus are also very fat, green with flowers, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.


The petals of the camellia are bowl -shaped. The flowering period can be from October to May of the following year. The flower branches are beautiful, and a floating is like a fairy in the sky. It is pure and noble. One of the big flowers, this shows the world’s love for camellia.

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