Four stages of Guye chrysanthemum maintenance

The seedling period of the gourd chrysanthemum

When breeding the chrysanthemums of melon, it is generally sowed in a ventilated and cool environment. It requires the drainability of the soil to be well drained, and it can also be cultivated for potted planting, so that it will grow well. During the seedlings of glory chrysanthemums, careful maintenance is needed, paying attention to keep warm and shadowing measures. After fertilizing, you should apply thin fertilizer every week after planting. The main is to apply diligent fertilizer and meet the needs of multiple elements.

The flower bud period of gourd chrysanthemum

During the growth of Gua Ye chrysanthemum, the flower bud period is very important. Generally, there are many main branches on the plants of the gourd chrysanthemum. A flower bud will form on the branches. The main branches have several side branches, and the buds can also grow on the side branches. Because there are a lot of flower buds on the whole plant of gourds, in order to make it better flowering, the whole pruning needs to be made in time and trimmed the flower buds. Generally, 15-30 main branches can be kept, and the remaining main branches and side branches must be removed.

The flowering period of gourd chrysanthemum

When breeding the gourd chrysanthemum, it is a critical period of flowering. At this time, you need to remove the tongue flower on the edge of the chrysanthemum of the chrysanthemum of the gourd and remove the cuteness. Remove the tongue flowers on the edge should be performed in the morning, remove the open flowers. At the same time, pay attention to whether there is any cuteness and remove them in time.

The seeds of gourd chrysanthemum mature period

After the flowers of the gourds bloom, they enter the growth and maturity of the seeds. At this time, the flower pots of the gourd chrysanthemum will slowly crack, the calyx falls off, and the seeds will slowly mature. Basically, the seed skin turns black. And slowly squeezing the flocculent object, it means that the seeds are completely mature, and the seeds can be harvested at this time. Be careful not to be too late, so as not to be blown away. When the variety and color are harvested, they should be harvested according to the variety and color. After harvesting, they should be dried under the sun, and then stored in a cool and dry place.

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