Frequent variety of big snowins

Big Snowser Stone Drum Snowser

Stone drums are one of the common varieties of big snow.

The stone drum is large, the blade is thick, and the uprightness of the plants is better, and the leaves are presented half of the vertical shape. Stone drums are generally not high, and the leaves are more, flowers four or five. The flower is large, the color of the color is white, and the sluggage of the flower tongue is slightly. The leaves are full of domineering and magnificent.

Snowserized dragon big snow

The dragon big snow is another one of the common snow.

5-9 pieces of Hua Long Snowfish Clumps, its leaf length, leaf ratio is relatively small in the large snowin of stone drums and the mountains, and the base laminated mutual is wider (commonly known as the feet width), the blade thickness. The leaves are growing, and the losers will grow in other leaves, and the last long leaves will have a torque during the draw. The flowers of the floral labés of the dragon big salad are heavy and the color is slightly green.


Lushan big snowin is also very common.

Lushan large snowin leaf is 5-7 pieces, the leaves are relatively long, the V-tank is shallow, and Yezi Arc. Flower lips are shallow, and the floral shape is large and the color is slightly white.

Other varieties of big snowins

Heqing Shanxin is another more common big snowin.

Heqing’s large Snowfish mat is not displayed, and the vertex of leaves is poor, and it is a loop. The leaves are longer, sometimes even grow to 90 cm. The blade is thick, mostly 7 leaves. Flowers 3-5, flowers, green, and flowers and lips. Ground seedlings.

The big snow is still uncommon “green and big snow”, “Jin Tousian Snow” and other varieties.

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