Green Luo can also develop noble women’s models, 1 pot of beauty flip your home!

Green pillar

When you go to the flower market, you can often see a lot of green pillars. However, the flower market is basically large leaf green dill, but many of the flower buddies have small leafy green dills. So today Huahua wants to introduce you, how can the small leaf green dill at home grow into a green pillar!

Operation method:

1. First prepare a pot of green dill, mineral water bottle and flower pot.

2. Take a plastic bottle and cut off the bottom of it, and then evenly punch a uniformity on the wall of the bottle. If a flower friend is too troublesome to make holes, then go directly to the hardware store to buy the PVC pipe and pierce the PVC tube.

3. Place some loose pine needles at the bottom of the flower pot, and then add nutritional soil. Nutritional soil can be mixed according to the ratio of peat soil, perlite, and coconut bran 1: 1: 1, and finally fix the plastic bottle in the middle of the flower.

4. Plant the green dill seedlings prepared in advance into the flowerpot.

5. After that, cut off the bottom of the second plastic bottle, put on a small hole like the first plastic bottle, and then buckle it on the first plastic bottle.

6. Put the pine bark and organic fertilizer in the plastic bottle, so that when the green dill grows upwards, it can absorb sufficient nutrients.

7. Wrap the plastic bottle with palm skin. Because there are many mesh gaps on the palm skin, the roots of the green Luo will climb up along the palm skin. If you think that the palm skin is not easy to buy, you can also buy a palm skin mop to the market.

8. Put the green dill in a place with sufficient scattered light, and pour water once every 2-3 days in summer. Usually spray water on the leaves. While the summer growth season, the green dill can quickly follow along The plastic bottle climbed up and turned into a green pillar.

Green curtain

If you want to make green dill into a curtain, the method is actually very simple!

Operation method:

1. The interval in the flower trough is about 15cm, plant a small green seedlings, and then hang it in a place where the balcony is a little higher. When the green dill grows, the stems and leaves will hang down It’s down.

2. You can also use wall -hung flower pots to plant green spoils, and then hang on the door of the house or above the window sill. When the green dill grows crazy, the stems and leaves will hang down, turning into a natural green curtain.

Green Wall

Huahua recently discovered that many flower friends’ houses at home were covered with walls. As soon as they entered the door, it seemed to enter the forest. It was simply to make Huahua envy to death!

Operation method:

1. If you want to make the green dill wall, you first need a pot of green dill, thin rope, tape or wire (for concave shape)

2. For a period of time, when the stems of the green tuber in the house began to grow, a tube was inserted in the green pot, or the green dill was used to climb up. By the way, this is easy to operate.

3. When the green dill grows higher and higher, you can use the wire or the fishing line to be recessed to make the shape you want, and the green dill will slowly grow along the shape.

iron wire:

adhesive tape:

Fishing line:

4. In addition, there are also at least green dill shapes in various shapes.

After watching so many green dill,

Are the flower buddies who are about to move?

Then learn to do it!

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