How many flowers are raised?This small thing can kill Guangguang, every family!

Lanic & white vinegar

1. Prepare detergent, white vinegar, water, and plastic bottle (preferably 500ml). 2. Fill the plastic bottle with water, and you can use about 500ml. Add 2 bottles of white vinegar and drip 4 to 5 drops of detergent. 3. After shaking well, put it in the spray bottle, and spray it at the place where the bugs were born on the flowers. Generally, it can be worked once, but for the sake of insurance, you can spray 2 to 3 times.

4. This method has strange effects on aphids (also known as greasy worms, honeyworms, etc.), and it is clean and non -polluting ~

cut tobacco

1. Take 5 cigarettes that have not been sucking and pick out the smoke inside. If there is too little smoke, it will be useless ~ 2. Soak in water for 48 hours. 3. Filter the tobacco water, put it in a small watering pot, and spray it at the place where there are insects. 4, after 1 day, aphids can kill most of them, spray several times more, and can be eliminated.

5. It can also be diluted after the root, which can kill the small black flying eggs and larvae.

& & Pimirlyrine

1. The 治 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1: 1200 is configured. If it is not well mastered, 2 to 3 drops can be exchanged for a bottle of mineral water. 2. Shake well, pour it once a month, basically don’t have to worry about the scriptworm. 3. If the granular worm has been flooded, it can be sprayed on the rating worm on the branches and leaves, and it can be effective once.

4. After 1 week, dilute the nagine at 1: 1000 and spray again. After using these two alternate use 3 times, the segmentation insects basically disappear ~


1. Open the sticky insect plate and fix it within the scope of the small black flying activity. It didn’t take long for it to see the small black flying filled with it. After you are full, you can replace it.

2. Although this method does not cure the standard, but for the elderly and children at home, people who cannot take medicine are a method that has a faster effect.

Mosquito coil

1. Move the flowers and plants to a closed place, such as a closed balcony. 2. Find a socket and insert an electric mosquito coil. 3. Close it for a night, and the next day you can see the little black flying corpse across the wild.

4. It has a wonderful effect on Xiaohei Flying and Mosquito, but it cannot kill the eggs in the soil. It can only be used once every other time.

Camphor ball & camphor oil

1. Mo the camphor pill into powder. 2. Sprinkle a circle where the ants often come out. The ants are very sensitive to the irritating temperature of camphor and will go straight away. 3. You can also sprinkle around your beloved flower pot, and the ants will not run away from the flowers that harm your family!

4. For ants, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and the like, they can play a role in removing.

washing powder

The principle of laundry powder insecticidal: 1. The ingredients of laundry powder are sodium dulate, which can touch insects and inhibit the incubation of mite eggs. 2. Spray the laundry flour water on the insect body that can dissolve the insect body and attach it to the worm body, forming a layer of film occlusion pores to suffocate the pests and death. Usage: 1. Configure the washing powder according to the ratio of 1: 500 to 700. 2. Spray it every 3 days. Note that all places with insects must be sprayed, and you cannot miss it at all.

3. Spray it three times in a row, and the pests such as the script insects, the medium, and aphids will be killed, and the insecticidal rate can reach 94%.

Golden Manzhi & Love Card Mitt

1. The proportion of love -Kaka mites to water is 1ml of 2,500ml of water. 2. Standard the place where there is a red spider on the leaves. Note that when spraying, you must spray all the places where the red spider exists. You can tilt the flower pot slightly and spray the leaves below. Especially the back of the leaves, and the parts connected to the stems must be sprayed carefully. 3. After three days, use 1ml of golden branches to 1500ml of water, and spray it carefully again. 4. After three days, change the love card mites and spray water. Generally, red spiders are gone in 2 to 3 times. If you are more worried about recurrence, you can spray it alternately for 1 to 2 times.

5. Note: It is best to spray outdoors and wear gloves and masks when spraying. After spraying the medicine, clean your hand carefully with soap. It is effective for red spiders, but it needs to be used alternately, otherwise the red spider is prone to produce antibodies.


1. Configure according to the ratio of 1: 300 and shake well. 2. Use this solution directly to irrigate the roots. This kind of potion can kill the eggs, and the residual period in the soil is longer, so it is very effective for various insect eggs in the ground. 3. Find a free time, close the window at home, put on insecticides (those who use mosquitoes and flies at home), go out for 1 hour, and then open the doors and windows to ventilate. At this time, the small Hei Fei outside could almost be killed. Coupled with the killing of insect eggs, the combination of the two can be said to be a way to treat the standard and cure! Note: The toxicity of poisonous death is relatively high. When using, pay attention to wear gloves, masks, and ventilate in time. 4. After confirming that no small black flying appears, select the clean river and sand. After exposure to the sun, spread it to the surface of the soil to effectively prevent Xiaohei Fly spawning on it.

5. Poisonous death is a broad -spectrum pesticide. In addition to the larvae flying, aphids, garaphs, moths and other common pests can be used.

Well, these are these things that Huahua has tried ~ If the flower friends have other tricks, you can leave a message to Huahua ~

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