How to cultivate violet

Violet cultivation tool / raw material


Water / water grown

Flower pot

Violet cultivation step method

1. This flower is cold, cold-resistant is not well-toy, fear of water, suitable for growth in a high position, contact sunshine, ventilation, and good drainage.

2. Remember to bless the heat, and it is susceptible to pests and inflammation.

3. The seeds of the selection of the monographs are the mother. Because of its heavy flap, the pistil is lacking, the seeds cannot be brought, from the potential mapping, the second result is more.

4. Before the broadcast, there is more humidity. After the broadcast, there is no water, no longer water, if the potteoil is dry, and the basin is placed in water from the basin to the water. Pay attention to shading and 15 or right.

5. Before the seedlings are in the real leaf, the line will be carefully injured when the seedling is in the extension of the seedlings. Before planting, some dry pigs should be applied in the soil, chicken manure is a base fertilizer.

6. After planting, you need to cast a root water, shade but don’t make the sulking place; the potter should be planted in a cool and easy way, and then move to the sun’s sufficient place, water in the next day, apply a rusted liquid every 10 days After seeing flowers, stop fertilization immediately.

Violet cultivation considerations

For the high breed, the flowers should be cut down, then add thin liquid fertilizer for 1-2 times, can cause re-late branches, before the arrival of the first cream, the land is to bring the earth, and the to the Yangtze or the flower pot Place the winter in the room.

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