How to raise glass in summer

Conservation environment:

Glass green especially likes warm and humid environments. The temperature is most suitable between 18 degrees and 25 degrees. In summer, you should not be placed in the sun directly in the sun. This will cause the glass of green leaves to become yellow. Will wither slowly;


The glass is not tolerated nor waterlogging, and it is easy to die for a long time. It is rotten in the soil for a long time in the soil that is too humid for a long time. Therefore, pay attention to watering in summer. Do not wait until the soil is dry and watering, and the phenomenon of water accumulation is strictly prohibited; you can put the water in the sun for a while before watering, or water in the bottle for a few days. Essence

Cooling and moisturizing:

To cool down in summer, water can be sprayed around the plant. In addition to the effect of cooling, it can also increase the humidity of the air. The glass is high in the humidity of the environment. You can spray water twice a day; if the glass is in the flowering period, you must pay attention not to spray it on the flowers;

Water insertion:

Breeding in summer, water insertion can be used. The survival rate of water insertion is high and the speed of rooting is fast. Just put the cutting bands in the water. The temperature is 20 to 25 degrees. From a month to 20, you can take root.

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