How to raise green peony

Green peony flower form

The green peony is a deciduous small bush, the petals outside is green, the intermediate petals are more tender, the heart is thick green, so the greenery is a gradient, which is very beautiful.

The flowers of the green peony are very hierarchical, like a hydrangea, also called green soul. In general, the green peony flower is about 35 days.

Farming method

Watering and fertilization

Be careful not to give water while watering, keep the pot soil without dry. This is more beneficial to the growth of the peony. In addition, the water is watering, and the arid area pays attention to the frequency of watering.

Fertilizers must be done after planting for one year, try to apply fertilization in autumn. Fertilizers generally choose the rusted organic fertilizer, pay attention to pine soil while fertilizing.


Maintaining Green Peony Flower must trim in time, especially in spring, just need to keep five branches, others cut off. This can make nutrition, promote the growth of peony.

Pest control

Before the green peony flower sprout, spray a certain stoneulfite, spray a sterilization water every half a month while in summer, and there is no peony infection.

Green peony flower flower

The flowers of the green peony flowers are vital vitality, vitality and four shots, silently dedication.

Can a green peony flower raise at home?

Yes, but it is not suitable for indoor breeding.

Green peony likes warm, dry environment. The sunshine environment will grow robust, and the indoor sun is relatively more than that in the winter. But other seasons are recommended for open-air maintenance.

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