How to raise kidney fern


During the day, the optimal temperature of kidney fern is generally twenty -four to 26 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to avoid direct direct sunlight, but you can place it in a bright place with scattered light.At night, the most suitable temperature for kidney fern is 15 to twenty -one Celsius.


Although kidney fern is also a more drought -resistant plant in the ferns, it is not advisable to expose to drought environment for a long time. Therefore, when drought, it is necessary to water properly or spray water to maintain the moist in the growth environment.EssenceOf course, it is not advisable to water it. If it is a heavy rain or waterlogging season, it should be placed indoors.


The growth rate of kidney fern is faster, and basically it will be divided into pots after one year of growth.The best time of the basin is spring. At this time, the injury root is easy to heal. At the same time, the division can be performed, so that the original basin becomes two pots or even more pots.

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