How to raise snow iron taro

How to raise


Snow iron taro is more happy, suitable for places with sufficient sunlight, but it is also tolerant, it is best not to be directly shot by strong light.Therefore, it is best to put it in a place where the sun is sufficient but not too strong. If the sun is too strong, it is recommended to use the black net to cover the sun.


The suitable growth temperature of snow iron taro is 20 to 32 degrees. When the temperature is too high in summer, it is best to move the plant to the indoor breeding. It can also increase the amount of watering to achieve the effect of cooling.


Snow iron taro is more resistant to drought, so it is not suitable for watering too much.In the case of hot summer, water can be poured once a day to cool down.In winter, it is relatively cold, and water is enough once a week, or you can wipe the leaves with a wet cloth.


Snow iron taro likes fertilizer. To add cake fertilizers to the soil, fertilizer should also be added during the growth of plants. After autumn, it is recommended to stop applying nitrogen fertilizer. It is best to change it with potassium dihydrogen phosphate for pouring.Do not add any fertilizer after entering winter to avoid fertilizer damage to the root of the plant.

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