How to sow the potted seven miles

Potted fruit incense

Put the seed in warm water for soaking, about half a day or one day, observe the seed until the soaking swelling will take it out.

Potted seven miles sowing

Since the seeds of the seven-dimensional seed are too flat, small, it is difficult to put into the basin, you can find a tweezers, or toothpick. If you use a toothpick, you can use water to wet. Slowly adhere the seeds to the toothpick, put into the pot, bond the seeds, cover the substrate, then put the flower pot into the water, make the water depth It is half of the height of the flower pot, so that the water is slowly immersed.

It is easy to pick up the larger seed, which can be placed directly in the substrate, playing at the distance of 3 × 5 cm. Covering the substrate, the thickness is three times the seeds of the seed. After the broadcast can be wet, the matrix is ​​wet, and every time the potter is dry, the effort to keep the water should not be too large, so as to avoid the seeds.

Behind the production of Potted Ziliang

After sowing in spring and autumn and winter, it can be coiled along with the plastic film with the potted soil; the seedlings are long, and the plastic film is cut, but pay attention not to the film. Before 9:30 every morning, or after 3:30 in the afternoon, the seedlings received the sun’s light, and the early shooting of photosynthesis made the seedlings would not be too weak; when most of the seeds were sent, they needed disease. Seedlings, or unhealthy seedlings are removed from the basin, and a good growth distance for growing seedlings; when most seedlings grow 3 pieces, they can be transplanted after three pieces of leaves.

Before sowing, you should first select the seeds, and the choice of seeds is critical to sowing.

1. The seed is best to choose the new in the year, the longer the seed time, the less it is easy to germinate.

2. When choosing seeds, pay attention to observation and cannot use “old weak sickness”, otherwise it will cause seeds without germination.

3. Select seed without pests.

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