Potted hibiscus flower breeding method

Potted hibiscus flower breeding method


There are not many requirements for the soil in hibiscus flowers. It is best to cultivate in sandpaper soil with good fertility, drainability and humidity, and provide a superior growth environment for flowers. It is best to cultivate when you choose to cultivate when deciduous, which is easier to survive.


Hibiscus flowers like the environment with a sufficient sunlight, so the potted hibiscus flowers must give it sufficient light


The cold resistance of hibiscus flowers should be placed indoors in winter. The indoor temperature is best between 3 and 10 degrees. The hibiscus flowers will enter the dormant period. During this time, it is not necessary to water it. When the Qingming left and right can be restarted outdoors.


The drought resistance of hibiscus flowers is also relatively poor. The growth period should be kept enough to meet the growth needs. When the buds are transparent, it needs to be deducted to control its growth to ensure that nutrients are retained on the flowers.


In the spring of spring flowers, more fertilizer water is required. During the period of flowering, it is recommended to apply a small amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Some rotten organic fertilizers can be applied in winter or spring, which can help plants grow more vigorously and flowers.


The hibiscus flowers need to be trimmed before and after flowering, which is conducive to the germination growth of the side buds. And cut off the dead leaves in time to increase light. Fu. Ronghua is more resistant to trimming, and can be properly trimmed according to his hobbies and aesthetics.

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