How to use the correct use of seedlings

step one

Put the seedlings of seedlings in the seedling box and add appropriate water. You can use a small amount of watering to maintain the moisture of the seedling block.

Step 2

Generally speaking, there is a groove in the middle of the seedling block. Place 1-3 seeds in the groove. The appropriate amount of water is sprayed. The seeds depends on the type of flowers or plants.

Step three

After sowing, cover the lid of the seedling box. After the seeds germinate, choose the appropriate temperature to ventilate. You can open the lid early in high temperature in summer.In addition, we must control the problems of flowers and plants, pay attention to ventilation and light.

Step 4

Put the seedling block in a place with sufficient light to prevent penetrating the non -mud part, and the seedling blocks should be separated from each other to prevent the roots.However, if the temperature is too high, it is better to put it together, which can prevent the seedlings that are dehydrated caused by seedlings caused by excessive water loss.

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