Is the Bioguang ring grew up?

What is the child?

When the childhood, the bright ring is the form of a soft cute bunny.Two green two leaves ears are standing upright, in a half-transparent state, having a sense of grain, very cute.

What does it grow up?

The big ears are too long, and will also regenerate the ears from the middle of the two ears, often only one or two little ear can stand upright.

I grew up, I’m fine.

About the Bioguang ring grew up, it is good to see this topic, is the benevolent seeing the benevolence.I like the soft cute little rabbit, I feel that the bright blue ring when I am a child, I like the group of flowers, the big friends, I feel very interesting.

The Bin End is a very proliferated species, and during its large-scale group, the scene is very magnificent.

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