Is there really no flowers?

Is there really no cost?

Figs seem to have no flowers. In fact, there are flowers. It is a typical plant that looks like no flowers but flowers. For the flowers that bloom the flowers brilliantly, and the butterflies, the fruits are figs.

Why does it seem to have no flowers?

In fact, the fruits we usually eat are not its real fruits, but the meatballs formed by the split -to -bes of flowers. When you open the fig, meet with silk and many small seeds inside. Silk -shaped objects are flower stamens, and the rods are seeds that are knotted from the powder. The flowers of figs are only small stamens and no petals. The large flower support wraps those small flower stamens. You can only see a little pink stamens exposed on the top, while the pistil grows along the wall of the flower support. Essence

How does the flower give it pollination?

Figs of flowers are hidden in the flower support. The wind cannot blow pollen, and insects are not easy to enter and exit pollen. So how does fig flowers be pollinated? It turns out that there is a small hole on the top of the Figs, which only allows one kind of insect to help it pollinate, that is, the horses. Little Hornets will produce eggs in fruits without flowers. When the inflorescence grew up, the egg feathers turned into little is the hopen. It around the flowers, dipped in pollen grains, flew out of the small holes on the top of the fig, and flew to another fig to lay eggs to help the fig pollination. After the females were pollinated, the seeds would be knotted.