Is Wuzhu suitable for potted plants in the home?

Wuzhu’s ecological habit

Wuzhu loves a humid environment, afraid of strong light, low temperature, and poverty resistance, drought, and cold.

Wuzhu’s stems and leaves are dense and crystal green, and it is a herbal plant.The survival is extremely strong, and there is no need to invest too much hard work and care. Naturally, it has not been able to grow well. It is a very wide planting plant.Suitable for cultivation in indoor.

Wuzhu’s flower language

elegant.Just like its green color gives a refreshing and elegant feeling, it is always vibrant as its survivability, just like a sunny teenager that makes people like it so much.

It is convenient for management like a hidden poet, free and elegant.How can such a flower be called not happy?

Wuxu’s ornamental value

Although Wuzhu is a leaf -viewing plant, its flowers are also very beautiful.The white school flowers are clustered, and the fragrance smell makes people feel refreshed.Of course, such simple and easy -to -take -see flowers are suitable for potted plants at home!

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