Muting of Wuzhu’s reproduction

Sowing reproduction

Wuzhu’s reproduction requires seeds, but where do the seeds go to find? No need to find it, you can get seeds with the martial arts breeding. Wuzhu seeds are mature from October to November. During this period of time, mature seeds can be collected and kept in the coming year for reproduction.

First cultivate the seeds we get, we take a basin, a group of three seeds, put it in their respective dirt points, and then transfer the pot to the warm environment to wait for the seeds to emit new buds. This process takes about a month or so time. As long as the seeds emit tender buds, it means that our first step has been successful, and then manages the normal method of martial arts.


Over time, the new seeds grow into an adult martial arts, and then we have to turn the pot on it, and then put it into the plant, and after the planting, use a sharp knife to divide it into the cluster, and put it in other pots. After growing, more new branches will be drawn in the old plant. Then you can trim the old plants and retain new plants. The plants look updated and more bright.

Such a new pot of new martial arts is born. Hurry up and learn a new pot of new martial arts.

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