Management of potted jasmine cutting

Management of potted mason

After the cutting, the temperature is preferably about 20-30 ° C, less than 20 ° C, the interposetice is extremely difficult, slow growth, if it is higher than 30 ° C, due to the wetting of the bottom, it is easy to suffer from the disease, thus Scissok rot.

If you encounter a low temperature after cutting, you can use the plastic film to take the entire flower pot and manage it. If the temperature is too high, it can be managed using a method of cooling and moisturizing. It is 50-80% of the sun, and spray around the cutout, ensuring that the temperature is suitable for the temperature of the cutout, and it needs more spray in sunny, about 3-5 times a day. Ok, the rainy weather can be sprayed less.

Management of Potted Mercury Humidity

After cutting, keep the air humidity in the room relative to about 75% to 80%. When the plot is not rooted, it is necessary to ensure the tenderness of the cutout. The cutting of the root cannot absorb nutrients, and the balance of moisture cannot be maintained, so it is necessary to perform spraying in the surrounding temperature, increase the humidity, and reduce moisture evaporation.

Management of potted mason

The cutting of jasmine is inseparable from light, and the cutting outlet needs to perform photosynthesis to manufacture the needs of the desired nutrients and substances.

However, the illuminance will result in the transpiration of jasmine too strong, and the water consumed increases, causing the cutting interest to survive. Therefore, it is necessary to cover the sun to 60% -80, etc., etc., and then remove the shading net.

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