More meat newbie party, new buy home meat should be so raised!

an examination

1. If you are purchased by the meat, you should have to open the package in time, ventilate the meat, especially in the summer, or the black rot is not a small thing. After that, do you have any bugs or other dirty things. If there is a worm (especially the powder), you must immediately remove it, and the insect invasion. It is recommended to use garberry god to defective sterilization!

2, if you are the flesh bought in the greenhouse physical store, you also have to check the flesh, and the meat that is insecting in the wild shed is processed by insecticidal sterilization, so it is not necessary to panic. Original plant should not keep with you, with soil transplant can generally increase the survival rate.


After the bare roots of the bare, the simple construction is needed, and the extra soil is blown away, remove the dry leaves and mustage roots, keep the main root, can be applied with dry sulfur, can also be placed in a cool and ventilated Dry one or two days, so that the wound heants, avoiding the wound infection and black corporate.

Selection of pots

When you are drying, you can prepare the pot and soil, choose a pot for novices, usually the following choices:

1. “Small Black”: Whole to one, suitable for a radish, a pit, can save balcony space.

2, “Jingde Town Tortozoas”: Good breathability, Summer is guaranteed, because the water is discharged faster, so it is not so good to water for novices.

3, “Zisha Basin”: The water-permeable propellant is also the first choice for novice, and the simple style is very harmonious, but the price is relatively expensive.

4, “Korean Coarse Pottery”: Not only the South Korean Santianda invasion

5, “White Porcelain Basin”: White Porcelain Basin is poor, unreasonable control of watering, it is easy to cause soil water, so it is difficult for novices.

A variety of piers, a pair of old boots, one iron box can become a new home of the meat, in short, the pot should be specific, according to the variety of flesh, the environment, the composition of the soil, generally Follow: “Good water is good, with a hole in the bottom.”


Most of the meat still likes the water-ventilated plant, which can be divided into three types:

1. Dividend: The purpose is to fix plants and provide nutrients to meat growth. It is usually possible to use a common polyvertural plant in the greenhouse. If you like yourself with soil, it is generally “4 parts of peat soil + 2 parts of Pearl Rock + 2 parts of volcanic stone + 2 parts of meteorite”

2, pad bottom plant: The purpose is to make the soil will not have excessive water. Avoid meat roots or due to the moisturizing of soil, thereby causing the occurrence of various conditions. Generally, large particles such as ceramics are selected, and the crude sieve coal slag is also a good choice, and charcoal having an adsorption impurity can also be.

3, pavement plant: The purpose is mainly for beauty, with some small features. The pavement plant is wide, such as white small stones, red jade, Tongsheng sand, deer soil, etc., you can make reasonable choices depending on the different pieces and plants, and ultimate goal is to decorate aesthetics and fixed plants.

In fact, each of the benefits methods are different, and the key is to be configured according to the local climate and plant varieties.


When the plant wounds are completely healed, you can get on the pot, the plant on the pelvic bottom mat, such as ceramics, etc., which is conducive to drainage ventilation. After that, in the tide dry, (that is, the feeling of the earth is a little tide, the hand can accommodate the moist, but will not stick together but spread it after loosening), which can promote the root of the plant. Finally, the favorite shops, put on the bright ventilation of the light (can not be exposed), do not water, 3-4 days, you can spray some water in the earth table, put a water once a week, etc., etc., the meat leaves are full, new If the leaves are long, they can gradually see the sun and maintain it normally.


After planting, it is the daily maintenance of flesh. Watering is usually dried, that is, a one-time water, until the bottom hole is oozing, and then wait until the dry is almost the same, and then put it once. Usually flesh is the most rapid growth in the spring and autumn, cool weather and suitable temperature make meat need much moisture, at this time, it can be poured twice a week, which is generally watering in the evening. Summer weather is hot, meat will enter sleep state, at this time, you should go properly, don’t use it frequently, causing meat black and corrupted, usually poured once, and usually keep drying and ventilation. The north winter is colder, generally less than 5 ° or zero, it is necessary to move the meat to indoors, usually poured a water one week. The winter meat in the south is generally free, so it is still possible to properly maintain.

How do you control it?

a, watch the leaves: If a healthy blade indicates wrinkles, the whole child is turned up, or some varieties of leaves are pulled, and there is a “thirst” that the meat is fed back.

B. Look at the soil: novice can observe the changes in the water in the soil, there is a simple approach, the weight of the potted potential, the water is sufficient and the water deficiency is much different. In addition, if the outer edge of the soil and the inner edge of the basin form a slit, soil tombs, this is also a performance of water shortage;

c, see the basin: a very breathable basin such as red ceramics is not easy to keep moisture, so it can be watering according to the specific case; white porcelain basin or non-porous basin, it is necessary to reduce watering according to specific conditions. ;

d, see the earth: Soil and loose breathable can be multi-poured according to the specific situation, and the soil is meticulous, and it should be considered less water.


In the growth period, many fleshes need enough sunshine. Generally, a day is suitable for 4 to 6 hours. Different varieties and state meat are different from the requirements. For example, a longer sunshine will promote flowering; just The basin of meat is not good to expose the exposure; the meat of the meat is very like a sun. Yinxing will make the flesh of the blade break, the color fades, the stems have become fragile, the blade deformity, the resistance to the outside world, becomes particularly ugly, but don’t worry, if you step-by-step, you will receive a while , Flesh will still change. Remember that the summer gas temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius to cover up, the state is difficult to see, and the life is big.


Diseases are generally divided into two, pests and fungi.


Here mainly pose a chobby. The meat streams in the meat: continuous heavy rain + continuous high temperature + exposure = zombie powder (stiff seeding, body, root cycle), although funny, but also explain how deep it is to the mesenchm insects. This kind of congestion does not only breathe the ground part of the meat, and it will hide in the soil, often around the meat, you can find white cotton-shaped things, is their credit. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of the chronicae is the basic skills of the flesh must get. Daily prevention and treatment we need to do:

A. Ensuring plants and plants do not bring any insects.

B. Once the bug is found in the plant ground part, never give up! If it is just a small amount, you can pick it out with bamboo sticks (must), you can use water to wash. If it is a lot of outbreaks, and the bugs are shamelessly hidden in the leaf gap, etc., it will be real. General online and entities can buy more meat plants insecticide special medicine (more meat is used by pyriform, the pesticide store owner recommended), the concentration should be ratio, the medicine is applied to the watering can, facing the long worm The part is to be carefully sprayed away, and there is no insects to spray generally prevention. Pay attention to two points during the period: 1. Applying drugs generally in the evening, to be applied in a ventilated environment. 2, the application frequency is two weeks, no pests will use medicine very frequently.

c, if the bugs are hidden in the soil, do not panic, can generally change the soil treatment, take the roots carefully, remove the soil from the insect source, and replace the new land. If you don’t want to change the basin, then use the soaked basis, so that the bottom of the basin is immersed in the liquid, which is about 1 to 2 minutes.

D, many people noticed that the places of eruptism often have a group of ants. This is not a good thing, because many times the ants and powder are mutually beneficial relationships, they can take a honey sauce with chromatital secretion, returning the bugs to other plants, which may explain why the messerry is so wide. According to some of my gods, ants are also left.


Fungi is usually manifested as black rot, black spots or rust. These are caused by pathogens or bacteria.

a, usually watering should be controlled, the specific situation is specifically analyzed, and the soil cannot be excessive water.

B. Once some diseases are found to be isolated, so as not to infect other fleshes.

c, usually improve ventilation conditions, can also spray the bacteria regularly.

You also have to know some small knowledge: generally black corrupted plant blades can not be inserted, the soil to be used by the plant needs to be isolated and sterilized, etc.

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