Purple peony bacon

How to raise

First, we must breach a polymetic peony. We should understand its growth habits and morphological characteristics, and the meat violet peony grows in the warm hills of climate. It is originally produced in the south of Europe, which is widely distributed around the world. In recent years, Enter into our country.

It is a meat herbal plant, the leaves are thicker, a lotus seat, a silk hair, ornament umbrella cone, a red white yellow and other colors, is a similar variety of lotus palm.

Watering method

It is necessary to pay attention to the need to pay attention to the need to pay attention to the proper water, as long as the water is properly watered!

The watering of the peony should be watered without causing, and the casting is poured. It can avoid such a principle to avoid the long-term water water, prevent the occurrence of rotten roots, but it will not be too dry to water, otherwise it will result The plant grows slowly, and the leaves are yellowless, lack of vitality.

Apply a rusted organic fertilizer or highly phosphorus and high phosphorus complicated fertilizer every 20 days. The winter culture temperature should be higher than 5 ° C, preferably above 15 ° C during the day, so that plants can continue to maintain normal growth, can properly water, appropriate fertilization, and control the amount of water to sleep.

Temperature requirements

Polymetic peony is very cold, but does not high temperature, the cultivation process should pay attention to ventilation and breathable, especially in summer, the most likely caused rot, so it is necessary to put it in a dry and ventilated place to cultivate, and maintain the soil micrigelation.

Breeding method

The leaf plug is easy, and the hybridization is easy to get seeds. In the summer, high-temperature rainy season, there is a need to ensure the sleep state of the plants, the purple peony in the spring and autumn season grows with sufficient light, keeping sufficient light, can maintain the beauty of the plants to a certain extent, the plants growing under the light, the leaves are full , Leafy gracious.

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