Quickly, these flowers died again, and quickly moved to the house


1. Suitable for placement: hydrangea is more suitable for planting in the shade of the tree, or in a cool place, such as the north balcony, east and west balcony, and so on. 2. Suitable for watering: Hydrangea flowers are like water. Once the water is short of water, it will be pulled down. Therefore, it usually has to be poured once every 2 to 3 days, or the leaves are pulled down and the leaves are quickly watered.

A pot of hydrangea raised before Huahua had to be poured once every 1 to 2 days.


1. Suitable for placing: Wenzhu is not resistant to exposure, so it is suitable for placing on the north balcony, or in the living room, or 1m from the window sill. 2. Suitable for watering frequency:

Wenzhu likes a moist environment. It is cultivated in summer. Generally, water will be poured once in 3 to 4 days. Huahua felt a little sorry for my own bamboo, thinking that I could water it only on the weekend …

Spidering orchid

1. Suitable for placing: Solk orchids cannot be shined with light, so it is more suitable for breeding indoors, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. can be placed. It is best to place the balcony and windows in the north. That is to accept light, but not to be exposed to the scorching sun at noon. 2. Suitable for watering frequency:

Diaolia is happy, so it takes 3 ~ 4 days to water ~ You can’t accumulate water ~


1. Suitable for placing: In the summer, green dill cannot be exposed to the sun ~ Green Luo is more suitable for placing in the living room. In the bedroom, if you only put it on the Nanda platform, then you must cover it at noon ~ 2. Suitable for watering frequency:

Green Luo had to be poured in about 1 to 2 days, and the flowers forgot to water again. The next day, I showed it to me!


1. Suitable for placing: Barbus is more suitable in a cool place. Therefore, it is more suitable for placing in the living room, or near the balcony and north windows. frequency:

At about 3 ~ 4, water, and while watering, spray water on the leaves of the beacon to increase the humidity of the air.

Dayan Tong

1. Suitable position: Dayan Tong is very shade -resistant and strong, so it cannot be placed on the South balcony. If there are no other places, it should be covered at noon. It is better to put it in the living room. There are scattered light irradiation. 2. Suitable for watering frequency: The watering of the big rock tung is more troublesome and accidentally rotten, so it is necessary to start from the soil. The soil you use must be a loose sandy soil. You can add some particles to the soil, or a relatively large river sand to increase the breathability.

Secondly, watering in the summer is dry and wet, and when you see the leaves a little bit stingy, water it quickly. And when watering, do not stick to the leaves of the big rock tung! Otherwise the leaves will rot!

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