Real rose variety

Corolla Rose

Corolla can be said to be the elderly figure in the rose industry. It can be called the big sister. Corolla’s petals are large and look graceful and luxurious. Corolla giving people also implying hot love. American patented products are not owned by China. Corolla rose is a typical example of red roses.

Diana Rose

Diana Rose belongs to the pink -colored rose. Diana is the color of dreams and princess. It represents pure and beautiful love. This Diana rose is a British, full of romantic atmosphere. Little couples in the first love stage can try Try this Diana Rose and feel the dreamy love.

Champagne Rose

The color is like the name. It is the color of champagne, fresh and elegant. Unlike other roses, the champagne roses mean endless wisdom and the hard work of the owner. Lover’s gift. Think about it, how happy it is to put this or a cluster of champagne roses at home when you return home, and it can also reflect the harmony and unity of the family.

Cold Beauty Rose

Cold beauty is a kind of cold -colored rose variety, which looks like a noble and cold feeling. It is also the mainstream variety of roses in recent years. The passage of time, the flowers of the cold beauty will become bigger and bigger, and in the end they will become very stunning. The color of the cold beauty is mainly noble purple. Each petals are thick. a feeling of.

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