Sister cousin raises flowers with old furniture, everyone wants to move home when everyone looks at it!

Old chairs that have not been used for many years

Planting a cluster of rose

From spring beauty to summer

There are many flowers at home

You can also use a chair to make a combination of potted plants

Several different flowers are planted together

It’s like a mini garden

A shabby iron chair

Brush a new lacquer

Plant a pot of flowers

Immediately you can rejuvenate

Such a chair is placed in the yard

You said that it looks cool or cool ~

In autumn, put a pumpkin

Planting flowers, beautiful!

Except chair

All kinds

Can also be beautiful in minutes

Pink table

With a variety of flowers and plants

It’s hard to think about it

Do you want to take such a drawer?

Of course you can also take the drawer out of the desk

Freedom combination

Planting cute succulents

A corner of a grocery store was born

The mottled drawer like the following

More full of age sense

Huahua really likes it!

There is such a dressing table

No need to dress up, people will become more and more beautiful

Open the box and give you full flowers

Like this kind of suitcase, everyone digs a few holes below

Do a good job of drainage, the flowers can grow very well

Is it better than planting in a flower pot

Romantic and interesting?

Abandoned small iron barrel

Old Mu Xiang

But it revealed unlimited vitality

If you have a washbasin that is not needed

You can also use flowers

Basin made of bathtub

Still see it for the first time

Take a wooden board on it

Can be used as a simple desk

Of course, except planting flowers

You can also plant your favorite dishes

Self -sufficient ~

What about the abandoned bed?

Of course, you can also become the ocean of flowers

So beautiful, do you want to go up and sleep?

Is there any at home?

Copper -like bicycles

Put a few pots of flowers

It will be renewed immediately

If you still keep the previous dustpan or something

Plant a few pots of flowers inside

Put on the bicycle again

It’s so beautiful!

Is the idle bicycle too old?

You can also brush a layer of white paint

Plant the gorgeous flowers

It’s hard to think if you look good

Small carts that are not used

You can make a mini small vegetable garden to fill in the soil

Simple transformation of abandoned wooden barrels

It can also become a small garden!

As long as you have the eyes that are good at discovering

There are surprises everywhere in life!

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