Six-Breakfast Family Maintenance Method


Six times is not well-toy, you must grow normally in full light.When housing maintenance, it is necessary to place a place where the sun can direct.If the light is insufficient, try to irradiate the six times to the light sufficient place for three to four hours per day.In long-term photos, it can flow normally in a low temperature environment.


Liu Yai belongs to the cold season flower, but the cold is not strong, the northern is unable to open the ground, and the heat is hot, and the summer temperature is high to go to sleep.


Fertile soil with rucoprout loose.


Watering conditions should be based on the maintenance environment, the basin size, and the growth status is generally maintained, and the pelvic moisture can be maintained.Pouring is poured.


Fertilizers in the selection of fertilization, growing in the winter temperature, and stop fertilization.

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