The “aphrodisiac” lily in Zhen Huan’s biography is raised like this!

1. Soil

Foxail lily likes wet soil, sufficient fertilizer, and excellent drainage of sandy soil. The soil should have a certain thickness and do not use hardcies.

2. The best growth temperature

Foxail lily grows best between 16 degrees and 24 degrees. If the temperature is higher than 30 degrees or less than 5 degrees, the fox tail lily will stop growing, and the growth of more than 10 degrees will be resumed. In the winter night, the temperature continues below 5 degrees and does not exceed one week, which will seriously affect the development of flower buds, and in severe cases, it will cause unable to bloom normally.

3. Ensure sufficient water

During the growth period of Huwei Lily, the amount of watering should be increased, and water can be poured once in about three days. When watering, you must pay attention. Do not have water accumulation. If the air is dry The humidity of the air. This is conducive to the healthy growth and blooming color of plants.

4. Appropriate light intensity

Foxail lily likes a cool and humid environment. When the sun is sufficient, simple shade can be performed.

5. Suitable time for planting

Potted time is appropriate to be carried out from September to October.

6. Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests

Flower and leaf disease, spots, bulge rot, leaf dead menstrual disease, etc. are common diseases of lilies in the tail of the fox tail. It can be sprayed with drugs. If it is found at the beginning of the onset, the onset part can be removed and burned. To leave seedlings, you must choose a healthy lys of disease -free pests.

Aphids and leaf cicadas are common pests in lilies in the tail of the fox, and can be sprayed with drugs.

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