The breeding method and precautions of the sausage tree

The breeding method and precautions of the sausage tree

Light and temperature

The sausage tree is warm and likes light. It is usually suitable for the growth temperature of about 23-32 degrees Celsius. It is not suitable for growth in areas with frost disasters. The minimum temperature should be controlled at about minus three degrees Celsius, which is slightly shaded.


The sausage tree has a strong adaptability to the soil and likes fertile and humid soil. Among them, sandy soil is the most suitable for the growth of the sausage tree, and the soil drainage performance is required.Early dry and barren soil can also grow.


The sausage tree needs to be fertilized every week during the planting stage, and it can stop fertilization immediately after planting.After the formulation, you only need to combine the weeding pine soil in the spring and autumn seasons to top it once.


The sausage trees are happy, and they can also resist half yin, but they are afraid of frost and like humidity, but they still have to pay special attention. Do not accumulate water, which will affect plant growth.

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