The difference between goldfish algae and green chrysanthemum

the difference

Goldfish algae and green chrysanthemum are aquatic plants and like light. But goldfish algae does not like strong light. If the golden fish algae is irradiated with strong light, it will cause it to die. Green chrysanthemum can endure the light of strong light, and even likes the light of strong light. Goldfish algae light will stop or grow slowly when it is unclear. Green chrysanthemum will drop the leaves in this case. This is the most obvious difference between them.

Most of the goldfish algae grows in the static water or very slow water, which can be used as feed. It can breed in a fruitful or separated method. Each tip of the goldfish algae plants is pointed, arranged irregularly, and the green of the overall color is not gorgeous. The overall form is branched, which is much sparse than green chrysanthemum.

The overall color likes less than pH7 called acidic soft water, it can breed in the way of breaking the branches or germination. Each tip of the green chrysanthemum plant is round. The overall color is brighter and brighter than the goldfish algae, and belongs to the new green color of the new hair and leaves. The overall form is clustered and dense.

If you have a fish at home, you may wish to have several different kinds of waterweed in the fish tank. Observe it, it will be very interesting. At the same time, they can also help your fish to maintain water quality.

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