The flower of 20 yuan can also be beautiful, and novices can burst into pots!

1 Xiaju

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1. Water control, Xia Ju is very sensitive to water. Generally, water transmission is poured once when sprouting in spring. In the future, watering should be wet and wet. It’s relatively short. 2. Xia Ju’s growth requires good light, so it is suitable for placing on the balcony or window. It is better if you have conditions to expose it! 3. Generally, Xiaju does not need to be topped, but if you water too much, the plant grows very high, you can top up and directly remove the buds at the top.

2 Beauty Sakura

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Maintenance skills:

1. Soil: Beauty cherry blossoms are not strict with soil, and ordinary garden soil can be planted. Of course, if you use nutritional soil, it will grow better. 2. Watering: The beauty of the beauty cherry blossoms is shallow. In summer, watering should be watered to keep the pot soil moist. 3. Light: You can bask in the sun in the spring and autumn, but you must cover it in summer, otherwise the yellow leaves will be severely dormant!

4. Temperature: Like a warm climate, the most suitable growth temperature is 15-25 ° C, and the temperature in the summer is too poor when the temperature is higher than 34 ° C. You can spray water on the surrounding ground and use evaporation to reduce the temperature. 5. Fertilization: thin fertilizer can be applied, about once a month, fertilizer can choose homemade flower fertilizer, or other organic fertilizers. And do not splash on the leaves or flowers when fertilizing, keep it dry. 6. Pruning: Two top -ups can be performed before flowering. If you want to make a flower ball, you have to make topping 3 to 4 times.

3 耧 斗 耧

Maintenance skills:

1. The soil can choose sandy soil or corrupt leaf soil. Mix a little base fertilizer when planting, such as chicken manure, bean cake fertilizer and the like. 2. It requires sufficient light, but the high temperature exposure in summer cannot be shaded. 3. Temperature, the suitable growth temperature is between 15 ° C and 35 ° C.

4. Watering should be dried and wet, about 3 to 5 days. 5. Some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied before flowering, such as pouring flowers with fish intestines, or spraying potassium dihydrogen. 6. Indoor potted plants, you need to top up during the growth period. One is to control the height of the plant, and the other is to promote the branch.

4 Flower Mao

Maintenance skills:

1. Soil: Suitable for planting in sandy soil, so it can be prepared with nutrient soil+river sand when it is equipped with soil. 2. Flower hair is wet, watering should be wet and not dry. Basically, keep the surface of the pot soil moist. 3. Flower hair is like a sunny environment. It can be exposed to the best. If you can’t expose it, you must put it on the South Bowl and the south window sill.

4. Flowers and hair are fed with fertilizer, and they need to be picked up during the growth period. Generally, we should apply light fertilizer once every 10 days. Fertilizer can be used for organic fertilizer, or special flower fertilizer. 5. Cut the residual flowers at any time after flowering. After all are boiling, you can apply the root of the liquid fertilizer 1 to 2 times, and control the water properly, because the flower hair will sleep in summer.

5 orange bellflower

Maintenance skills:

1. I like the environment with sufficient sunshine, so it is most suitable for dew or balcony. 2. If you like a moist environment, you must see dry and wet watering. Watering during the growth period can be more. If you water less, the stems and leaves grow weak and bloom in advance. But do not accumulate water, otherwise it will rot.

3. After the formation of flower buds, avoid high temperature and high humidity environment, otherwise it will easily cause fungal diseases. 4. The growth temperature of the oranges is 15-28 ° C, and the temperature of the night during the growth period is not less than 12 ° C.

5 blue snowflakes

Maintenance skills:

1. Soil: It is better to plant with peat. The garden soil can be mixed with some perlite planting, but it is obviously slower than the peat. In addition, the flower pot needs to choose a large diameter, but the shallow one. 2. Light: Like light, you need to put it on the balcony. If there is no condition, the semi -yin is also possible, and it can grow normally. The amount of flowers may be slightly less. 3. Fertilizer: blue snowflakes are fat, and the bottom fertilizer can be used for long -term mild release fertilizer or homemade flower fertilizer. Usually, it is necessary to apply thin fertilizer, fertilizer can use organic fertilizer, and general flower fertilizers are also fine. There is no great attention.

4. If you like a moist environment, you need to keep the pot soil moist for a long time. Generally, water will be poured once in 2 to 3 days in summer. 5. After blue snowflakes, cut off the residual flowers, and can bloom in 20 to 30 days. Old branches that have been cut off for more than 2 years are directly cut off, which is not good for growth. 6. Do not rain when blooming, otherwise it will affect the ornamental. If it encounters the rain during the flowering period, the flowers are easy to be broken, which will affect the viewing.

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