The flowering period of moonlight flowers

The flowering period of moonlight flowers

The blooming of moonlight flowers is in the summer and autumn seasons, usually concentrated from August -October.After flowering, it will be real, and the fruiting period is from September -November.It should be noted that if it is a moonlight flower for indoor breeding, its flowering period can be controlled.

Flowing time of moonlight flowers

In fact, although moonlight flowers are concentrated in summer and autumn, it is more special in flowering during flowering. It is a plant that blooms at night.It is usually at seven o’clock in the evening when blooming.

What does Moonlight Blossom look like

In fact, the moonlight flowers are beautiful. Its flowers are generally white and the petals are a bit pale green.The entire flower is leak -like, and the petals are developing like a full moon, which is very beautiful.In fact, it is a bit like a glory.

Because flowers are like a full moon and blooming at night, it is called moonlight flowers.

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