The main variety of sneezing root grass


The root of the teeth, also known as Cosca’s sneezing root, is characterized by evergreen evergreen and pale color. The plants of the roots of the teeth are tall, and they are prone to seeds. The leaves are shiny and the edges have teeth. It is easy for self -broadcasting and is good for flowering materials.


The stinky roots are beautiful, gray -green, and blooming in spring.

Sneeze roots of grass native Britain, which is an evergreen herb, dark green leaves, and flowers with unpleasant smells. The color of the stinky grass is gray -green, and some varieties of flowers are red. The flowering period is the end of winter and early spring, and sometimes it can bloom at Christmas. In June, the old leaves need to be removed to promote the growth of the new leaves, which will be better. The height of the plant is about 45cm. I like the environment of the semi -Yin, which is a good pot flower.

Sneezing roots

Black -sneezing grass is also known as “Christmas roses”. The flowers are low. Its starting period is January, which can last until the end of April. The hybridization of black sneezing roots and other varieties produced many excellent offspring.

Oriental Sneence

Oriental sneezing roots are varied, with pure white, apple green, light pink, apricot yellow, dark purple, and light black. There are dark red spots with different shades in the petals, and the flowers are round or star -shaped. Generally, white, pink and purple are more common. Blossoming time is the late winter and early spring, like the environment of semi -yin, strong life, life expectancy can be as long as 15 years or even longer.

Other species of sneezing root grass

There are other large species of sneezing roots, including Stefing Grass, which is a hybridization of toothed root grass and green -gray sneezing grass. Red and purple sneezing grass, its petals are purple. Iron chopsticks are native to the forests of Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi and other places in western China.

It also includes green gray root grass, Turkey’s sneezing grass.