The succulent varieties that are good for summer!

1. Fairy Palm Department

Most of the succulent plant friends of the cactus must know too much and less, and they have no problem in the summer. And the “summer type” succulent plants, the cactus of the cactus accounts for about 60%.


Most of the succulent plants of Euphorbiae also belong to the “summer species”, such as: various unicorn, Su Tie, bachelor trees, cloth balls, etc.

Third, Jingtianke

Jingtianke is a succulent variety loved by friends and friends. There are also many “summer species” succulent in Jingtianke.

1. Galan Cuisine

Edo purple, Tangyin, jade hanging clock, bird fan, various rabbit ears, etc. These are “summer species”.

2. Green lock dragon

The goose of the sunset, the green, the god knife, the fire sacrifice, etc. These are “summer species”.

3. Watson genus

The above these belong to the “summer species”.

4, stone lotus genus

The above these belong to the “summer species”.

5. Windmill genus

The above these belong to the “summer species”.

6. Method stone lotus genus

Moon shadow, ancient purple, small Hejin, Huayue night, Zi Holding white lotus, etc. These are “summer species”.

Fourth, Luo Yan family

The above -mentioned “summer species” are “summer species”.

Five, Agala

Tiger tail orchids, wine bottle orchids, blowing and agave, Shizhi Snow, Princess Thor, etc. These are “summer species”.

Six, clipped oleandae

The above these belong to the “summer species”.

Seven, Purslanea

Flowers blowing snow, Spring Dream Temple, Pine Snow, Master White, Wildfire, Patane, Sunflower, Purple Rice Greenest, Yale Dance, Golden Branch and Jade Leaf and other belong to the “summer species”.

Eight, Lily

Boschi, no night city aloe, wooden aloe vera, etc. These are “summer species”.

Nine, Fanxing Department

The above these belong to the “summer species”.

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