The symbolic meaning of olive flower

As a national flower olive flower

The national flower of olive flowers Greece, Tunisia, Cyprus. This flower symbolizes the pride of the Greek nation and the prosperity of the country. When the competition was held, the olive branch was used as the crown to reward the winners. Also use olive branches as a symbol of peace. Northern Africa is rich in olives and is known as the “World Olive Garden”. Ceipuus’s national flag is printed with two green olive branches patterns, which regards olives as a puppet of peace, wisdom, and victory.

Olive branches are the branches of olives, and olives are Greek national trees. The original plant belongs to the evergreen small shrubs of the Shanliang family, with beautiful trees and lush branches. In the 1960s, my country has been introduced as garden ornamental plant cultivation in many regions. Fruit changes from green to red and mature.

Legendary olive flower

Pigeon and olive branches -the origin of the symbol of peace

There is such a story in the New Testament: there was a man named Noah. One day, he heard God’s voice. God said that due to people’s sin, there will be a world of floods. God told him to build a big boat, saying that he could escape from death. As a result, Noah and his son built a long wooden cabinet -shaped ship called Ark. When the flood arrived, the Noah’s family boarded the Ark, and also brought the lions, tigers, rabbits, ducks, butterflies and other animals.

The water potential is getting bigger and bigger. A few days later, the creek became a rapids, the quagmire became a large lake, and the ark floated back and forth on the turbulent water surface. After a few days, the rain lived, but the flood had not returned, and the Ark stopped beside a mountain on the top of a mountain. Noah opened the cage and released a gray pigeon. However, the pigeon flew back soon and patted his wings in front of the cage. After a few days, Noah released the pigeon again. This time, when the pigeon flew back, there was a newly twisting olive leaf in his mouth. Noah knew that the flood had receded completely, and Ping An arrived. He and his wife, sons, and grandsons got off the boat and walked on the top of the mountain in the morning light, and those animals followed them out of the ark. In front of them, it is no longer a turbulent flood, but a valley full of green trees and a mountain trail with flowers on both sides.

Later, people used pigeons and olive branches to symbolize peace.