These flowers in summer are fast -rooted and crazy

Rubber tree

1. Choose a strong rubber tree note, about 10cm, pay attention to the bud point ~ 2. Put the branches wound in the bacterial solution for about half an hour, and then take it out to put it in a cool and ventilated place 1 to 2 days, dry. 3. The nutritional soil, granular soil, etc. of cuttings are exposed to the sun for 1 to 2 days, and sterilized sterilization.

4. Fill the soil into the flower pot and insert the branches of the rubber tree in, keep the soil slightly moist. It can take root in about half a month to 1 month.

Osmanthus fragrans

1. Choose a strong branch, it is best to choose the wooden branches born of the year. 2. You can choose peat and sand for cutting soil. If you use pure perlite, you need to cover a layer of film to prevent the water from evaporating too fast. 3. Soak the wound of the branches for 15-30 minutes in the bacterial solution, and then take out the shade. 4. The soil should also be exposed to disinfection to avoid bacterial infections.

5. Pour the medium through the water and insert the branches in. Generally, you can take root in about a month.


1. Select healthy rose branches and cut it. 2. Put the rose branches in the potassium permanganate solution for about 15 minutes. If there is no potassium permanganate, you can also use polymorphic spirit, Bacteria Qing, etc. for disinfection. Then get dry and dry in the cool place. 3. Prepare pure vermiculite, or pure perlite, soak it with potassium permanganate, or sterilize it on the outside. 4. After disinfection, insert the rose branches into vermiculite and water the water.

5. After that, keep the soil slightly moist, about ten days, the rose can take root!


1. Prepare mature jasmine branches, and the branches are best for more than one year. 2. Prunter the branches, remove the leaves at the bottom, cut off a part of the leaves, and reduce the evaporation of water. 3. Put the branches of Jasmine on the sterilized river and sand. 4. Water, wait until the water flows out of the water through the bottom.

5. Put the flower pot in a bright and ventilated place in the room to avoid direct sunlight. After about 2 weeks, you can take root.


1. Prepare plastic bottles, knife and transparent tape. 2. Prepare the gardenia branches that need to be cut to remove the leaves at the bottom of the branches. 3. Put the branches in the potassium permanganate solution for half an hour, and dry it after disinfection. 4. Cut the plastic bottle and cut it completely in the middle. 5. Find a plastic foam plate, cut into a round shape, and insert the branches on the foam plate. 6, add water in the plastic bottle, put the foam plate into the bottle, and soak the water through the bottom of the branch. 7. Cover the upper part of the plastic bottle and stick it with tape.

6. This method keeps the air in the bottle in a high humidity state, and it is easy to let the gardenia take root.

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