The difference between pot lotus and bowl lotus

The difference between pot lotus and bowl lotus

Pelvic lotus

Pen pelvic lotus is also called lotus and water hibiscus.It is a kind of aquatic herbal flower.The leaves are round, with floating leaves floating on the water, and there are also stoods that extend to the water.The flowering period of water lilies is from June to September. There are multiple petals with diverse colors, including pink, red, white and purple.Seeds are ovate.


Bowl lotus refers to the category of small and medium -sized types.Also known as the pimyo lotus, bowl lotus, etc., which belongs to the Salmonica family.It is a perennial aquatic plant with multi -rooted roots.Its stems in the ground are very thick.The petals ranging from 20 to hundreds.The diameter of the flower is 5 ~ 10 cm, and the lotus seeds grow upside down.

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