Use flowers to buy flowers?The bottles of bottles at home are enough!

Water cup

1. Prepare unused cups, nails, hammers, towels, and washbasins.

(Author: Seven Night Elves Source: Taxi Wing) 2. Put the water in the washbasin and soak the cup into it for more than 24 hours. 3. Soak the towels, twist it, and then stuff it into the quilt.

(Author: Qi Night Elf Source: Tap Hua Wing) 4. Cut the cup over and let the nails be aimed at the middle part. Just knock on the hammer (the girl’s strength is just right).

(Author: Qi Night Elf Source: Tap Flower Walk) 5. Complete punching! Then just plant flowers and plants!

(Author: Qi Night Elf Source: Tap Hua Wing)


1. Prepare cotton lines, wine bottles, alcohol, barrels, cold water. 2. Wrap the cotton line on the wine bottle, and then dip the cotton line with alcohol. 3. Light the croar. 4. After the cotton line is almost burned, the bottle is put into the large water barrel.

(Source: 51 6. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, cracks will occur where the cotton thread is wrapped. Tighten it up and down with water, and gently split into two halves. 7. Use sandpaper to polish the broken part. If there is no sandpaper, you can use tape to stick the fracture to avoid hurting people.

(Source: 51 8. Planting plants will be achieved!

(Source: 51 9. If you need to punch, please refer to the steps of punching the cup.

Plastic bottle & plastic can

1. Prepare tools, tapes and plastic bottles & plastic tanks with patterns.

2. Cut off the upper part of the plastic bottle, and clean the box of Douban sauce.

3. Wrap the tape to the bottle body ~

plastic bottle

1. Cut the plastic bottle.

2. Cut into small strips as shown in the figure.

3. Convert them in turn and let the thin strips unfold.

4. Four foldings in a group of four fine strips. The folding method is shown in the figure.

5. The same folding method of Article 2.

6. The last part is also inserted in ~

7. Completed!

Easy cans & disposable paper cup

1. Cut the cans from the bottom.

2. Cut the edges into a long strip like the figure below, and then buckle it down to let the thin strips unfold.

3. According to the method shown in the figure. Three roots are a set of folds. Pay attention to your hands when you are scratched. At the same time, the third root should be pressed up to the first root ~

4. The second group is also the same operation as the first group. Pay attention to it, the third is to hold the first root ~

5. Just fold the rest in order!

6. Take out the original bottom of the bottle and roll down the thin strips.

7. Put the rolled upside down.

8. Put the two together ~

It is also possible to replace it with a paper cup ~

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