What are the plants suitable for cuttings in June?


It is more suitable for cuttings in June, which can be divided into two categories.

One is easier to take root. Such plants include rose, June snow, pomegranate, hibiscus, Ziwei, spring, sea immortal flowers, etc., and the other is not easy to take root, such as camellia, winter, lilacs, stickers, stickers, stickers Begonia and so on. In addition, some grass flowers can also be cut at this time, such as green birds, geranium, colorful leaf grass, three -color 堇, Wanshouju, etc.

Cutting example

Take camellia as an example to demonstrate the cuttings of flowers in June. At this time, the main is a fully enclosed cuttings. Pay attention to moisturizing.

When cutting, when the plant’s branches appear semi -wood, choose the soil that keeps water and breathable, like river sand, cut the appropriate cutting, keep the upper part of , Dry for cuttings.

When cutting, pay attention. The cuttings inserted into the soil are about one -half of the entire cuttings. After cutting, they must be poured first, and then covered with plastic membranes. When covering the plastic film, you can put a small shelf in advance, and then cover the plastic film to compact the surroundings. Note that the double -layer plastic film can be covered to cover the light.

After that, pay attention to maintaining moderately, and keep the temperature within 30 ° C. For almost a month, this cuttings can take root.

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