What are the plants suitable for grafting in June?

Suitable for plants in June

In June, plants can be carried out by planting, and plants that are suitable for such grafting methods, including many, among them, which are typical, including wax plums. When you rely on waxing plums, you can use the seedlings of real wax plums as rootstocks to rely on the more good wax plums. You can also rely on Bailan and Han Xiao, etc., you can use potted purple magnolia and white magnolia as rootstocks as rootstocks to rely on white orchids and laugh.

Plants suitable for buds in June

In June, wax plums are suitable for buds. There are actually many plants.

Take the wild rose seedlings as the rootstock, to grafted the rose flower.

The real seedlings of the year of apricot, peach, and Li Shu are used as rootstocks, and they are grafted with flowers such as peach, blue peach, plum blossoms and elm plums.

The seedlings of the green maple trees that are born or two -year are grafted red maple, feathers and red maple.

Plants suitable for branches in June

When you come in June, you can use branches to connect with cashmere, safflower camellia or single -petal mountain tea as rootstock as rootstocks to graft mountain tea and tea plums.

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