What kinds of aggreens

Golden Bench

The Golden Bench is a typical variety of agave, often used in garden cultivation. Alias ​​golden bird, agave, gold side fake pineapple.

The Golden Bench is a growing green herb plant. The stem is short, there is woodcution, Ye Siki, sword-shaped, size, 5 ~ 7cm wide, sometimes the leaf length can be as long as 1m. The biggest feature is green, with yellow white strip striped, with purple brown stimular sawtooth. The leaf is relatively smooth, but it is relatively fragile and it is easy to break. More cultivation in the garden.

Victorian Queen

Victoria Queen, I will feel a noble and elegant atmosphere. The Queen is the kind of high, full of charm characters.

Victorian Queen’s agave leaf forming a lotus bush. The color is dark green, the long triangle, there is irregular micro-convex inner lines on the foliar, and is concentrated on the edge. Ye Quanyuan, the first end is hard. This plant actually grows very slow, only 1-2 pieces of new leaves per year, just like the Queen of Quagu, therefore the mature plant is very expensive, and it is the most beautiful variety in the agave.

Spot tongue

Spots also is another more common agave.

The spatter agave leaf is flat, and the length is different, the leaves are thick, and the edges are often curled. The surface of the blade is yellowish brown to dark brown, longitudinal striped dense cloth, the edge of the leaves is light yellow, which is smoother.

Other varieties of agave

In addition to the above varieties, the agave is often used in Silver Bangadolans and Golden Yulla.

The characteristic of the silver-edge agave is the leaves ash green, with silver white striped.

The golden streak is yellow, or yellow in the middle of the yellow, foliage green.

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