What should I do if the potted flowers have long aphids?

Manual prevention

In the early stage of aphidal pest, it is recommended to take manual control. The specific method is to brush off the aphid with a brush or brush, and bury the sweeping aphids in the pot soil.


You can use the special smell of leeks to drive the aphids and prevent it. Planting leeks and sick flowers can play a effective prevention and treatment role.

Wind Oil Precision Prevention and Treatment

Add wind oil to 600 to 800 times water dilution and pour it into the spraying agent, spray it on the pest to ensure that the insects are dipped in liquid. This method is high, and it does not cause damage to plants. It can also have the effect of mosquito repellent.

Tobacco leaf deworming method

Take the dried tobacco leaves and add water. The ratio is 1: 20 or 24 hours a filtration. Spraying it on the plant can play a effect of killing aphids. If there is no tobacco leaf at home, you can also use about three tobacco cigarette butt to make, and add a small amount of alkaline soap fluid to a certain effect.

Onion anti -insect prevention method

Put a small amount of onions into mud -shaped water and add about 500 grams of water. Filter it after 24 hours and spray it on the flowers. This method can effectively prevent aphids, and it also has a certain effect on the red spider.

Washing powder deworming method

Take 3 to 4 grams of laundry powder, add 100 grams of water to stir, spray 2 to 3 times, it is best to spray continuously. It should be noted that the neutral laundry powder should be used.

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