What vegetables are suitable for growing on the balcony

Green onion

The green onions can be said to be the most common family planting vegetables. It has no high requirements for the environment, strong adaptability, and does not occupy places. Generally, sowing and breeding or bulk seedlings are used to reproduce.The way is more convenient and simple.


Xiaobai dishes like a cold environment, which is more resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and can be planted almost a whole year.Simple planting, directly sowing, occasionally watering, loose soil, no need to take care of too much.


Amaranth likes a warm growth environment, which is more heat-resistant. The growth temperature is about 23-27 ° C. It is required to keep the soil moist, but avoid waterlogging.Simple operation, just sow.


Tomatoes are warm. The suitable growth temperature is about 20-25 ° C. The plant size is suitable. Tomatoes have good nutritional value, good taste, and can also enjoy flowers and rewards. It is more popular.The planting process is simple.

Vermal vegetable

Extraction is rarely pests and insect pests, and it is easy to plant. Put it directly into the soil for cuttings.However, its growth rate is fast, and it requires a broader horizontal space.

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