When does Rose flowers?

When will I bloom?

The flowers of Rose Flowers are in May to September, and the flowers of each branch will be open in order, and the flowering period is half a year. However, in recent years, because of global warming, the temperature is generally improved, and the rose flowers in some places will be open in April. Some may have grown out in March, and it seems that it is not controlled now.

Friends who want to spend flowers pay attention to take a good time and watch it in time.

Flowering conditions

Rose flower flowers do not have a strict conditions, as long as the plant grows strong, flowering is just a problem. But do three points, you can make rose flowers better.

The first is to smash the egg shell in the pot, because the egg shell contains sufficient calcium, so that the plant is strong.

Second, it is often giving it a tasting water because it can give flowers nutrition.

The third is often scrapped.


Rose flowers have a romantic breath, so the flowers of rose flowers are romantic.

It is said that people who are born by rose flowers, naturally with Ramitic’s personality, is a child like to dream. With a keen judgment, suitable for artistic work. Of course, it is also a perfectionist in relationships.

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