When will I bloom?


The flower period of the rock is from late July to late September, and the flower period is very long. In my country, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, the flowering period of Rats, from April to November of each year. Every day, it will be open every day, open in the afternoon.

After the flowering, the seeds will be seeded, the maturity of the fruit is from 9- November.

Floral form

Drash is blooming, flowers, flowers, single or cluster. The pedicel is very long, most of the leaves, up to 10 cm. The flowers are upright, with sepals of green, slightly unhappy, elliptical to long round spokes, 1 slightly short, the first end is blunt, with a tip. Corolla high disc, dark red, hairless, upper beaten, there is obvious depression, petals five. When flowering, the flowers are like a red pentagon star, the cylinder is funny, stamens and flower columns, with white anthers.

In general, the little flowers of the ravron in the shape of the ravron were blooming, and the color was dark and bright, and there were white.


The flower of the squat is busy, interested in care, and each other.

Among them, Ye Ye Luo also has his own flower – love and freedom.


After the flowering flowers, the capsule oval, 7 to 8 mm long, 4 rooms, and 4 petals, separators, transparent. There are 4 seeds, ovals, long round, 5-6 mm, dark brown.

In order to make the lotus flowers, you can plant the lint into the soil of fertilies. It can also be appropriately submerged, which can grow lush, and there are many flowers.

After the rock, you can pick up the residual flowers in time, do not let it grown, so that the nutrients are concentrated for new branches, they can extend the flower period.

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