One flower, one world, one garden and one paradise

Living on the sixth floor, there are two balconies on both sides of the small lofts on the roof, 40 square meters of South balcony, and 20 square meters in North Balcony.

When buying a house at the time, it was the two terraces. Imagine the appearance of flowers outside the large glass window.

There is always a gap between ideals and reality.

After exhausting the decoration, life is busy. It is full of children and work in their brains. They are dizzy every day. Except for clothes, they usually do not expect to go to the terrace. The terrace is withered. It is not as good as the drought -resistant rhododendron and safflower.

Occasionally, seeing fresh rural pictures, driving flowers full of flowers, envy, thinking about waiting for retirement, after making enough money, so like this.

But when he retired, he often felt boring and boring life. For life and survival, he shuttled in reinforced concrete every day.

Don’t want to wait any more, and gradually change your life. First of all, remove the weed movements, loose dirt, cut off some tall trees that are half -dead, and buy countless beautiful flowers. A nest of bees were planted into the soil, and the garden suddenly raised.

But there is no technology, no regional planting, the result can be imagined, not long after, the garden is desolate again.

Learn lessons, first plant some easy -to -live plants. For example, March green, sweet potato, four seasons, and golden melon, watching peaches. These crops are cheap. At the small wharf, 10 yuan for 10 dollars. As long as you do n’t forget to water, you can basically live. Of course, it is another thing to grow.

Finally, the terrace began to look like a decent look, and began to fragrant.

Although there is a distance from the dream realm in the gardening magazine, the vegetable seedlings are raised from a small seedling section, from tender green to dark green, yellow, purple, pink flowers, slowly turning into peaches, watermelons, four seasons Beans, the joy of harvest, is unspeakable.

At the same time, according to local conditions, I bought some roses where the four seasons opened, drought and floods are not afraid of.

Now, every morning, watery the floor, watching the sky slowly changes from light gray to orange -red, watching the sun rising. The cat shadow followed, and the butterflies turned around the flowers, their hearts, peace and joy.

In the evening, collect clothes on the terrace, watch the sunset in the breeze, and dye the clouds into light red, dark red, the car on the road to get off work, crowded, look at the home, the birds also pursue the birds, and the birds go. Fly in the nest.

After the rhythm of life slows down, after the attention moves, unknowingly, the troubles in life disappear mostly.

The world is very large. Pay more attention to the surrounding things. After respecting the plants, flowers, and as life as life, you find that life is really amazing, and there are too many beautiful things in life.

The garden is constantly improving, daily trimming, finishing, and never getting tired. The same flower, different temperatures and climate, the flowers blooming, whether the color or size is different, it is amazing!

The cottage is stable, and the fragrant fragrance is set.

There are more content in life. If you have less desire, happiness will come back slowly. Tort on the reinforced concrete all day long, away from nature, and life is inevitable.

Fortunately, you have a garden.

One flower and one world, one garden and one paradise.

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