Which variety is there?

Green giant white palm

It is also called silver, which is a growing green herb plant, and the plants are 70 to 120 cm.The leaves are 10 to 20 cm long.5 to 9 cm wide, long elliptical, long leaf tip.Like the warm and humid environment, the most suitable temperature is 22 ~ 28 ° C, one of the most resistant types of the walked plants, suitable for decorating living room, study, etc.

Perfume white palm

The strain is 40 to 60 cm, with a short root stalk, mostly a cluster.Leaves or close-up, both ends, base wedge shape.The flowers are the Buddha, and the fragrance, the leaves, that is, its flowers are free petals, just consisting of a white sepal and a yellow white meat, cool.

God light white palm

It is also called sweet grin palms, compared to other varieties of characteristics, the leaves have no obvious differences, the flowers are white, the Buddha is elongated, upright, and the middle yellow white meat is relatively strong.

Big leaves

The leaves are wider, the color is light green, and the white bud is wider.

Dream Naoya

Typical viewing leaves, the leaves are rich and green, the flowers are cleaned, the relative flowers are late, and there is less flowering.

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