Why is Lamei to decrease year by year?

Not intensity shrinkage and picking

Every time the bacme is completed, it must be intensity, even if there is no flowering, it is necessary to make strength shrinkage. After the flowering period (approximately February), from 2 cm to 3 cm, from the year of the year, all the above new branches were all cut, while cutting the pest branches, thin branches, chaos, etc., this is in spring President many new branches.

When the new branches grow to 10 ~ 15cm, pick up 1/3 to 1/2 of the new tender shield, pick up the heart 2 times to 3 times, so that the new striking section is short, which is conducive to the pregnancy bud.

Lack of light

Bumme is a strong positive flower, and it can accept full light photos in the south of Huaihe River. It does not have to be blocked. If the lack of light is not enough, the leaves will affect the birth of the flower bud. Look at whether the flowers in the family are insufficient in the sun, the leaves of the branches, and the differentiation of flower buds is hindered.

Fertilization is unreasonable

If you want to spend more, you should apply a small amount of phosphate fertilizer, you can regularly bury a small amount of composite fertilizer particles, control the use of nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise there is more nitrogen fertilizer, and the phosphorus is insufficient, which is also not conducive to the flowering flowers. When the family chooses fertilizers, ask the specific gravity of various elements. Before and after flowering, try to choose a low nitrogen and low, phosphorus potassium fertilizer.

Basin soil

In its growth season, especially in June, the water water is not too much, otherwise the branches are mad, which is not conducive to the differentiation of the new strips for flower bud. In the maintenance management, the pot soil should be moist.

Winter temperature is high

Potted Goramme can be in the southern part of the winter, can also be on the balcony, as long as it is not ice without ice. However, the northern region needs to move the plants to the room. After the winter, Lamei has a short sleep time. If the temperature exceeds 12 ° C, the plant cannot be sufficiently sleep, it will germinate in advance, leading to the long and thinness of the coming, it is difficult to pregnant.

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