Will the velvet need to flow?

Will the velvet need to flow?

Because the velvet needle can be seeded, so the velvet needle has flowers, and the seeds are propagated.The velvet needle will flow.

The velvet needle is a view of the leaf plant, the shape of the flowers is not very beautiful, but the fluffy needle of the flower is also very cute.You can also harvest a small bonus, making a spare of breeding.

When will the velvet needle?

The flower period of the velvet needle is spring.The season of all things, the velvet needle also plays its flowers, give you home, bring a spring color.Gray-white fluff, green leaves, plus long stalks on a small flower, is there a lot of fun?

Sumber recommended

On the blade of the velvet needle, it covers the gray white fluff, not like the cactus cactus “” rejects people thousands of miles “, so you can easily touch it.Raising a pot of balcony in the living room in the computer desk, is a very chic landscape.Go to Hua Hundreds to see the family farming methods and precautions, how to raise a feet needles!

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