After half of my life, I haven’t seen these flowers!


As soon as I hear the name, I know that this guy will smell the smell, but the most surprising odor than the unpleasant smell is its shape, like a black robe?

Maoye cat tail

Don’t look at others anymore, it’s a bit shy (⁄ ⁄ • ⁄ ω⁄ • ⁄) ⁄

Mesh Marbuba

This kind of thing that looks like a glutinous rice ball is actually a kind of fungus …

White Ye Shengma

Does it look like human eyeballs? This kind of thing is poisonous. When you look at it, you know that the coming is not good!

Blood tooth

It looks like a strawberry milk cake, but it can’t be eaten, but there is nothing toxic, don’t be too scared.


This is Michelin’s compatriots, right?


The cloth bag is also called a happy alien. The flowers are like a cloth bag, and a alien is alien!


The flowers are like a baby wrapped in the cricket, cute!

Monkey face orchid

When did Sun Wukong become orchids, this scene is really realistic

Purple rubber

It feels like a tumbling in the stomach, and it looks too vivid!

Black warrior

It is also a kind of orchid. If you look at it, you will be afraid of?


how about it? Doesn’t like a parrot dancing?


A grinned Hornet looks cute!

Heron grass

Before paying attention, I’m going to take off!

Dancing girl

No matter where, it can be my show!


“I’m not a flower, I’m a pigeon hidden in the flower”

Ghost orchid

It looks very temperamental!

Yoshida Akiko

Such a bright and strong red flower, unfortunately it is going to be extinct now!


Don’t look at it big and beautiful, but the taste can smell ten miles.

Ladies slippers

With such a pair of slippers, I would rather be reluctant to wear barefoot.


Mini hot air balloon, everything is owed to Dongfeng.


Come on the flower with mosaic flowers.

Rabbit tail

It’s so cute, I really want to put it on my face and touch


Round and white, it’s so cute

Little white rabbit

“You see me cute or not”

Tribal tree

How does instant noodles grow on the tree?

Crystal orchid

Also known as the “flower of the underworld”, it is really special!

Flowers, come and leave a message,

Tell me about which you have seen?

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