Air pineapple breeding method and precautions

Container selection

There are a lot of choices in the cultivated container of air pineapple, simply, what it can grow. But lovers often use seashells, stones, dead woods, tree bunches, rattan baskets.

Fixed method

The root of the air pineapple is not a tool for nutrient transport, but it needs to assist in the initial stage of planting. It can be selected from wire, rope, or adhesive, hot melt glue. Or causing the way to hang, tied it with a copper wire rope to hang in the air.

Temperature requirements

The air pineapple energy is 0.0 ° C high temperature, most varieties will be frozen, lower than 0 ° C plant death, the most suitable temperature is 15 ~ 30 ° C, when the temperature is higher than 25 ° C, To strengthen ventilation, increase air humidity. Pay attention to spray in summer, humidification and cooling.

Water supply requirements

Air pineapple water spray method, water spray 2-3 times a week, when the weather is more drought, can spray once a day. When spraying, it can be sprayed to the leaves. However, pay attention to the water should not strengthen the water, if the water sprinkle is too much, the inverted plants will allow excess water to flow. (Air pineapple is not simpler than other plant watering methods, after comparing, look at the detailed air pineapple watering method)

Illumination requirements

Air pineapple blades are relatively high, and the white scales are more and a thick variety require stronger illumination; while the leaves are more green, less scales and softer varieties are relatively shadlled. In the maintenance, according to the appropriate illumination according to the variety, the easiest way is to put the plants in the brightness of the indoor light. If the growth is weak, it will fill the light in time.

Fertilization requirements

The simplest method, immersed the plants in a 3000-5000-fold fertilizer for 1-2 hours, then take it out, once a week. Stop fertilization in winter.


Remind everyone, don’t put the air pineapple in the cylinder, the air pineapple needs a lot of air circulation, the stuffy cylinder will be broken, if the air is too dry, you can put the plants in the water for an hour, then The water on the leaves is fine. Note that there is no sun in the leaves.

Usually in winter temperature should be controlled above 5 ° C, the temperature of the winter household is about 20 ° C, the temperature is just, but when maintenance is maintained, don’t put it next to the air conditioner, should not let the cold wind blow.

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