How to cut the five -color plum cuttings


It can be carried out throughout the year, but it is best in spring and autumn, and the survival rate of cuttings in summer is relatively low.

Cutting breeding cuttings selection

When cutting the cuttings, the five -color plum must first cut the inflorescence to choose a healthy and short -term full -time bars. The rooting speed of top buds and tender branches is much faster than the semi -hardwood cuttings. If the moisturizing protection is not made in time, the branches are easy to dehydrate.

The standard cuttings have top buds and tender branches. When using top bud cuttings, choose top buds with 3 knots, 5-9 cm in length, and the first pair of leaves that grow under the branch can cut them. If you drop it, you can also cut off some leaves to reduce water evaporation.

When using the tender branches, you can keep the leaves as much as possible and trim it appropriately. You can use seedling pots to raise seedlings.

Cutting propagation method

Prepare cuttings and soil, pour soil through water, and put the treated cuttings into the soil. Pay attention to the moisturizing of the soil.

The root of the cuttings takes 14-21 days. After the cuttings of the cuttings, it can be moved to a 7.5 cm caliber round basin for nursery. After the head of the root regiment is out, it is planted to 12.5 cm or 20 cm caliber. Essence After the plant grows up, after several topping and trimming, it can become a spherical five -color plum and increase the value of ornamental.

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